Podiatry service covers all issues related to foot and gait. After conducting a thorough examination, it proceeds to the evaluation of the patient and establish a diagnostic approach, without forgetting the preventive and improvements in quality of life that can perform the functions of the podiatrist.

Bear in mind that the problems arising in the foot or gait impact on each and every one of the structures found on it, ie, the rest of the body (knee problems, hip, spine, etc.) .



Covers both the surgical treatment of an injury or the treatment of skin diseases or disorders of the skin and appendages. (Onicocriptosis, onychomycosis, superficial infections …).

Podiatric surgery

Anatomical correction of structural changes resulting from biomechanical alterations provided they do not require hospital admission (minor surgery) (service we hope to provide medium term).

Children's foot

During the development and growth of children, it is fundamental that the feet, as a base of support, work correctly. If deficiencies are observed during the march, it is advisable to visit the podiatrist.

Likewise, boys and girls usually present skin problems derived from infections (usually due to papova virus: developing warts) and ungueales due to poor cutting of the nails (onychocryptosis).


The podiatrist, after a complete biomechanical examination, can make fully customized plantar orthoses (insoles) using for this different techniques and materials. The aim is to respond to different pathomechanical situations of each patient.

Diabetic foot

The diabetic patient may end up developing pathology derived from the chronic complications of diabetes, which is known as Diabetic Foot. Due to the seriousness of this pathology, it is recommended that all diabetic patients go through the consultation of the podiatrist, either as prevention for the development of diabetic foot, diabetological education and / or treatment of the lesions presented.

In the biomechanicalI section, CORPORE works with PODOACTIVA (we are the representative of the company in Ibiza). PODOACTIVA is the leading company of podiatry in Spain (international expansion). To learn more about PODOACTIVA, contact the www.podoactiva.com webside.

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