The psychology service offers a space of understanding, a place to know better and understand what is happening. Offers a guide to delve into such an uncertain terrain, so little tangible such as emotions or mind.

The first sessions are for all possible information on the situation. From there, evaluate and choose the most appropriate route of treatment.

The improvement consists of greater well being with oneself and with others and is achieved through self knowledge, changes in behavior and a change of attitude towards life.

The duration of the psychotherapy process varies from a few sessions in simple cases to more than a year for people with a more complex problem. The average is between three and nine months.



Currents and techniques

The basis of our therapy is deep listening, the rest depends on each person and each problem: Psychodrama, EMDR, cognitive techniques, projective, corporal, relaxation, crafts, games, music…


EMDR is a method recommended by the WHO for the treatment of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, that is, to overcome traumas
Our goal is provide treatment tailored to each person in order to achieve our main goal
Improve your health!
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