Diet and nutrition

The word diet comes from the Greek “diaita”, which means lifestyle. Following a diet is not linked to losing weight but to having a healthy and balanced lifestyle. This is why the nutrition service helps you improve your health and prevent diseases by building balanced eating habits.

Our dietician Carlos will create an individualized plan that suits you. Since each of us comes from different contexts, experiences and learning as well as we have different goals and different habits.

This individualized plan will focus, on the one hand, on nutritional education. Thanks to this, we will learn to eat healthy according to our needs and to manage the challenges that everyday situations pose to us, such as, for example, planning and shopping in a healthy way, eating out or going on vacation. On the other hand, your plan will focus on changing habits that will help you maintain those results and healthy routines for life.

What will you get with this service?

Meet your individual goal whatever it may be: reduce body fat, gain muscle mass, improve a pathology or sports performance...

Improve your relationship with food and learn to eat healthy.

Improve your health and quality of life as well as your rest, digestion and daily energy.

Feel good about yourself.

Prevent and treat diseases such as obesity, diabetes or cardiovascular diseases.

Learn to manage your diet in daily situations such as shopping, eating out or going on vacation.

Stop eating out of anxiety or impulse and enjoy “less healthy” food without regrets.

Our goal is to give a treatment adapted to each person in order to achieve our main objective.
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